Selaco is gaining momentum on Steam, reaching its first sales milestone two weeks after its Early Access launch. The indie first-person shooter has already exceeded the developers’ expectations.

Selaco sells over 50k copies within just two weeks of its Early Access launch

Altered Orbit Studios shared the news in a post on Steam, saying that Selaco has sold 51k copies in just two weeks. The team didn’t expect the game to cross this mark until the end of the year, so this is a promising start for the project and its future development.

“You guys are truly incredible, and we cannot thank you enough for this,” the message reads. “Doing all of this on our own without help from major publishers has always been difficult, but we trusted that trying to make a good game would carry us forward through word of mouth. Despite the game having some issues that we are still addressing as we speak, it’s amazing to see the amount of excitement from our community.”

Selaco is a first-person shooter inspired by F.E.A.R. and classic titles such as Doom and Quake. It started as a free Total Conversion project from a solo developer, who created a mod for Doom called Ominous. Hence the chosen engine — GZDoom.

After scaling up the project and expanding the team, Ominous was scrapped, evolving into a commercial game. Made by six developers, Selaco is also crowdfunded via Patreon, where the creators currently receive £2,331 per month.

The game launched into Early Access on May 31, getting a warm reception from the audience. Selaco has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with 91% of nearly 1,600 reviews being positive. According to SteamDB, it also peaked at 1,528 concurrent players.

Despite the title’s strong launch, Altered Orbit Studios currently has no plans to bring Selaco to other platforms. The main reason is that the open-source nature of GZDoom makes it difficult to release the game on closed systems. However, the team doesn’t rule out the possibility of partnering with porting professionals in the future to make a Unity-powered version of Selaco for consoles.

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