Ampere Analysis has looked at the performance of the recently released Stellar Blade demo. And it appears that Shift Up’s upcoming surpassed the demo of another PS5 exclusive, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, in terms of daily active users (DAU).

Ampere: Stellar Blade demo hit 690k DAU, almost double that of FFVII Rebirth

  • According to Ampere Analysis, the Stellar Blade demo, launched on March 29, peaked at 690k DAU.
  • This is much higher than the demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which had a peak DAU of 380k.
  • Since its global launch, Square Enix’s RPG has increased its number of daily active players by 251% to 2.21 million.
  • According to analysts’ projections, Stellar Blade could surpass 4 million DAU after its release. However, Ampere noted that the conversion rate could be lower because it is a brand new IP rather than an established franchise like Final Fantasy.

Shift Up hasn’t publicly disclosed the number of users who tried the demo, but noted that some people have already played it for over 50 hours. “To enjoy the main game properly though, please go easy on the demo. 50+ hours of demo play…we’re scared!” the studio recently wrote.

Earlier this month, the South Korean developer also released its 2023 financial statement, reporting $125 million in revenue (+154.5% year-over-year) and $82.4 million in operating profit (+516%) — thanks to the success of its biggest hit, mobile gacha game Goddess of Victory: Nikke. The company is also preparing to list its shares on the Korea Stock Exchange, with some analysts expecting its valuation to reach $2.3 billion after going public.

Stellar Blade will come out on April 26. It will be Shift Up’s first major foray into the console market.

Speaking of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, it received critical acclaim with an average Metascore of 92/100. Square Enix has yet to disclose its official sales figures, but the previous title in the remake series, FFVII Remake, has already sold 7 million copies globally (including the PC version).

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