Details and the program of the new GenAI For Business conference have been announced. It will take place in the US later this month. The event, which will bring together AI experts and enthusiasts, will focus on the latest trends in the area.

WN Media Group, the event’s organizer, expects more than 300 attendees from 200 companies, including startup founders, investors, and business angels, as well as executives from US companies working on their own AI solutions or exploring ways to implement the technology in their pipeline.

The program of GenAI For Business San Francisco’24 is available on the official website. Below are some of the speakers:

  • Guy Gadney — co-founder and CEO of Charisma Entertainment, which uses AI to create the so-called “Digital Humans” for video games, entertainment, and education;
  • Oz Silahtar — general manager for Europe & MENA regions at Leonardo AI, a generative AI tool built on the Stable Diffusion model;
  • Pierre Moisan — senior advisor for New Media at CEIM (centre d’entreprises et d’innovation de Montréal), who also once spoke with us about Canada’s gamedev scene and the country’s tax credits for game creators.

In addition, experts from companies such as,, Entertainment AI, and Blitzscaling Ventures will also serve as speakers at GenAI For Business San Francisco’24.

As part of the program, speakers and attendees will discuss generative storytelling, content personalization using AI, and the use of modern technology in design and education.

The upcoming event is WN Media Group’s third conference focused on LLMs and AI, as well as opportunities it could create for businesses. Like the previous one, it will take place in San Francisco.

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