GenAI for Business, a business conference dedicated to trends in generative AI, was held in San Francisco on October 23. Hundreds of industry professionals and enthusiasts gathered to discuss the latest innovations in gaming, graphics, and other areas.

According to the event’s organizer WN Media Group, GenAI for Business SF’23 was attended by 273 companies, including Amazon Web Services, Confident AI, Fidelity Investments,, Google, LinkedIn, Lightspeed, Mythical Games, NetEase, and Scenario.

37% of them were developers of various AI tools, followed by companies that focus on implementing AI solutions (30%). Other notable groups that visited the event were AI enthusiasts (20%), investors (18%), and researchers (14%).

Overall, GenAI for Business SF’23 brought together 309 people on-site and online. C-level executives accounted for 89% of the total, followed by game developers (6%), marketing & PR specialists (3%), and business development & sales managers.

As we reported earlier, the event featured over 20 guest experts and speakers, including Robert Scoble, Lightspeed head of gaming Moritz Baier-Lentz, Scenario CEO Emmanuel de Maistre, Luma AI product and growth lead Barkley Dai, and co-founder Burcu Ozcengiz.

They discussed topics such as the impact of generative AI on game development, storytelling, and 3D graphics, as well as mass adoption of LLMs and potential regulations and risks in this area.

GenAI for Business SF’23 was the second event from WN Media Group dedicated to the adoption and the use of the new technologies. This summer, the company held AI For Business, which was part of the bigger WN Istanbul’23 conference.

Below you can see some photos from GenAI for Business SF’23.

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