Detroit: Become Human remains the best-selling game developed by Quantic Dream. According to the French studio, the game has now sold over 9 million units globally across PS4 and PC.

Detroit: Become Human hits 9 million copies sold, remaining best-selling game in Quantic Dream history

Quantic Dream shared the news on December 20, saying that Detroit: Become Human has sold another 1 million copies since the beginning of 2023.

“That’s 9 million reasons to thank you all for being part of this adventure and sharing the stories of Connor, Kara and Markus,” the studio’s message reads.

Originally launched on PS4 in May 2018, Detroit: Become Human receieved generally positive reviews from critics and sold 1 million units in its first two weeks. The PC port, released in December 2019, was self-published by Quantic Dream and reached the 1 million mark on Steam in 2021.

The 9 million milestone is further proof of Detroit’s success. For comparison, below are sales figures for Quantic Dream’s other games:

  • Heavy Rain — 5.3 million copies (as of January 2018), the studio’s website currently states that “more than 6 million copies were sold”;
  • Beyond: Two Souls — 2.8 million copies (as of July 2018);
  • Fahrenheit — over 1 million copies;
  • Omikron: The Nomad Soul — over 600k copies (as of March 2005).

It is worth noting that Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls launched on PC in 2019, but their sales on the platform remain undisclosed.

Right now, Quantic Dream is working on Star Wars Eclipse, a narrative-driven action adventure game set in the High Republic era. It was announced in 2021, but it’s been a while since the studio shared any official update on the project.

In August 2022, Chinese tech giant NetEase acquired Quantic Dream for an undisclosed sum, with co-founder Guillaume de Fondaumière saying that the deal should boost the company’s growth. Earlier this year, the studio also launched the Spotlight publishing label focused on indie games.

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