Canadian indie developer Sabotage Studio has boasted a new milestone for its acclaimed RPG Sea of Stars. The game has been played by over 4 million globally.

Sea of Stars reaches over 4 million players in less than four months since launch

Sabotage Studio shared the news on December 18, meaning it took Sea of Stars less than four months since its launch on August 29 to reach the 4 million mark.

This includes both full-game sales across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch and people who tried it for free on the PS Plus and Game Pass subscription services, where it was available from day one.

“Sea of Stars is the game of my dreams, and seeing its quest resonate so strongly with players and critics means the world to everyone at Sabotage,” Sabotage Studio co-founder and Sea of Stars game director Thierry Boulanger said in a statement.

He also thanked all the players for supporting the team “in such an incredibly prosperous year for RPGs alongside new arrivals from the genre’s biggest franchises.”

2023 was definetely a huge year for the RPG genre, with many successful releases such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, Octopath Traveller II, and Final Fantasy XVI. So this is an impressive achievement for Sea of Stars, an indie game made by a small team without a big publisher behind it.

Sea of Stars sold 100k copies in 24 hours and reached the 250k mark in its first week, with Sabotage Studio saying that this was its projection for the first year. It received positive reviews from both critics and players, as well as won The Game Awards and Golden Joystick Awards for Best Indie Game.

This is the second title for Sabotage Studio, a Canadian team founded in 2016 by Thierry Boulanger and Martin Brouard. The team’s debut project was action platformer The Messenger, for which it raised over $1 million on Kickstarter. Although these two games belong to completely different genres, they take place in the same universe.

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