The mobile version of Roblox remains one of the highest-grossing apps globally. Here are the key metrics for the game platform, including downloads and the top countries by revenue.

Roblox tops $7 billion in player spending on mobile, also approaching 1 billion downloads

*It is worth noting that AppMagic displays revenue from in-app purchases reduced by platform fees and inclusive taxes — Roblox’s IAP revenue is over $4.2 billion. To calculate player spending, analysts added back those 30% cuts and taxes that stores pay to some countries before making their payment to a publisher.

  • The US is the number one country by mobile revenue, accounting for 58% of the total. It is followed by the UK (7%), Canada (4%), South Korea (4%), and Australia (3%).

  • Roblox has also generated 995 million downloads globally. The US is the leader in terms of installs, with a 20% share, followed by Brazil (12%), Mexico (6%), Indonesia (5.6%), and Russia (5.5%).

  • Keep in mind that AppMagic also doesn’t track other sources of revenue such as licensing agreements, ad revenue, and royalties. So Roblox’s total earnings, including PC and consoles, are higher.
  • For example, it reached around $800 million in IAP revenue in 2022, down 13% year-over-year. But according to the company’s annual report, its total revenue for the year was $2.2 billion across all platforms, up 16% YoY.
  • Year-to-date, Roblox is the top free-to-play mobile game globally, with over 190 million downloads. It is followed by Subway Surfers, Ludo King, Candy Crush Saga, and Royal Match.
  • Roblox is also the fifth highest-grossing title this year, with over $753 million in IAP revenue. It trails King’s Candy Crush Saga ($857 million), miHoYo’s Genshin Impact ($862 million), and Tencent’s two hits, PUBG Mobile ($1 billion) and Honor of Kings ($1.3 billion).

Top 10 highest-grossing mobile games of 2023, according to AppMagic

  • AppMagic data also shows that the mobile version of Roblox has a cumulative RpD (revenue per download) of $4.25 globally. Hong Kong is the leader with $20.44, followed by Singapore ($19.5), Norway ($17.12), Switzerland ($16.84), and Denmar ($14.38).

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