Supercell, a notorious serial killer when it comes to its own projects, has announced a new game. The company’s CEO Ilkka Paananen has high hopes for it, but the question is whether it will survive to  full launch.

Supercell unveils monster-hunting game as part of its strategy to make more risky and innovative titles

What is

Officially announced on October 11, is described as a “monster-hunting startup.” Little is known about the game itself, but Supercell promises that it will feature a lot of monsters, dungeons, and “things that can slay you almost instantly… but in a fun way.”

We can assume that will also have some social elements, as the company indicated that the portal technology in its new game should allow “players in our world (and others) [to] experience togetherness like never before.”

All descriptions are pretty vague right now. It is unclear what Supercell means by this “breakthrough portal technology,” making it hard to imagine what’s core gameplay will be like. Perhaps, users will be able to travel to different dimensions and hunt monsters together.

The game is expected to enter the beta later this month (limited to US players with Android phones).

Why is it even worth taking a closer look at

  • As of February 2023, Supercell had five mobile games in development. Up to this point, we knew about four of them: Clash Mini (still in production after almost two years in soft launch), Clash Heroes (last news about it appeared in late 2021), Squad Busters (currently in beta), and Floodrush (killed after three months in beta).
  • So is the fifth title, and it doesn’t seem to have any connection to Supercell’s already existing projects — i.e. it is a brand new IP with its own style and universe, and it wll be interesting to see how Supercell handles its beta test and launch.
  • The company has killed dozens of games at various stages in its history, with 2018’s Brawl Stars remaining its last game to fully hit the market and become a hit.
  • Earlier this year, CEO Ilkka Paananen outlined a new strategy for Supercell, saying that it is important to create more innovative games while continuing to improve existing live service titles as never-ending experiences.
  • “We need to take bolder and more creative risks in our games,” Paananen noted, adding that the company should “try our best to focus not on what used to work in the past but what just might work in the future.”
  • So might be one of those risky and “innovatie” projects Supercell aims to create as it enters its next chapter.
  • Taking into account the “portal technology” mentioned above, the game could potentially feature crossovers with other Supercell brands and characters.

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