Do big companies struggle with making new hits and why can having successful games in their portfolio affect creativity? These are the main topics of the new episode of Games and Names, a games industry podcast launched by AppMagic in partnership with WN Media Group.

Supercell and Tripledot on criteria for hit games and why big companies struggle with creating new ones

The fifth episode of Games and Names featured two special guests, who have expertise in mobile game development: Nikita Tolokonnikov, product director at Tripledot Studios, and Vicent Boned Riera, data analyst at Supercell.

Both companies have launched successful mobile titles, plus they have their own vision of what it takes to make a hit. Together with co-hosts, AppMagic VP of product Stan Minasov and Product Madness senior game designer Jesse Kroon, they discussed:

  • What is a “hit” and what criteria Supercell uses to define the one;
  • Why big companies struggle with creating new hit title;
  • What things are crucial to making a successful game;
  • How already successful titles and high standards hurt production and creativity
  • What benefits small studios have compared to big companies, and why it is almost impossible to emulate them in a corporation;
  • Problems with the games industry going mainstream “in a bad way”, as it now attracts not only people who are passionate about games, but also the ones who consider it just a job;
  • What can prevent Clash Mini from becoming the next Supercell hit.

You can watch the full episode below or listen to it on:

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