Launch sales of Exoprimal, a new multiplayer action game by Capcom, are likely to be far from strong. The title is showing some weak numbers on Steam compared to most of the company’s games released this year.

Exoprimal is the worst launch in terms of peak concurrent players of any major Capcom game this year

Exoprimal came out on July 14 and only peaked at 4,522 concurrent players (via SteamDB). The game is also available on PlayStation and Xbox (+ Game Pass), but it is unclear how many users are playing it on those platforms.

If we look at other major games released by Capcom in 2023, Exoprimal is currently an outsider. Its peak CCU is lower than Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 (7,843 CCU).

The game only managed to outperform Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 2 (2,703 CCU) and the remaster of puzzle adventure title Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (1,474 CCU)

The Resident Evil 4 remake is the leader among Capcom’s 2023 releases, having peaked at over 168k concurrent players, followed by Street Fighter 6 (70.5k CCU). Although both these titles are new installments in world-famous franchises, Exoprimal’s first results still might be underwhelming (especially for a big-budget game with a live service potential).

Designed as a PvPvE third-person action game, Exoprimal puts players against dinosaurs. There are two teams of five, which have to compete with each other and fight enemies at the same time.

Exoprimal received a “Mostly Positive” rating on Steam, with 74% of the 845 user reviews being positive. Many players praised the game’s fun concept and combat system, but criticized that the $60 title has a battle pass and tons of cosmetics. Another point of criticism is the crossplay issues that make it impossible to play Exoprimal with users on other platforms.

Given a generally cold reception both in terms of reviews and player interest, it is interesting to see how commercially (un)successful Exoprimal will become. It is also unclear whether Capcom will be addressing any of the issues mentioned by players.

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