Less than 24 hours after release, it is clear that the Resident Evil 4 remake will be another commercial success for Capcom. The game is already the biggest launch on Steam among other installments in the series.

RE4 remake becomes the biggest Steam launch in franchise history

Released on March 24, Resident Evil 4 has a 94% rating on Steam based on more than 3,000 user reviews. At the moment of writing, the remake has already peaked at 140,240 concurrent users (CCU), according to SteamDB.

This helped RE4 dethrone Resident Evil Village, which had an all-time peak of 106,631 CCU. For comparison, previous remakes, Resident Evil 2 and 3, peaked at 74,227 and 60,293, respectively.

Resident Evil 4 currently has the third-highest CCU among all Capcom AAA releases on Steam, only behind Monster Hunter Rise (231,360) and Monster Hunter: World (334,684). The first two places in the ranking are Capcom Arcade Stadium 1-2, which are compilations of classic arcade titles.

The RE4 remake also became one of the highest-grossing products on Steam last week, trailing only Steam Deck and free-to-play titans like Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and CS:GO. Sales are likely to pick up over the weekend, so it is interesting to see how the game performs commercially on Valve’s platform and on  the UK boxed charts.

According to Capcom’s list of platinum titles, the original Resident Evil 4 has sold 12.3 million units globally since its launch in 2005. This includes all versions of the game across different platforms, as well as its re-releases for PS4/Xbox One and PC.

When it comes to RE remakes, Resident Evil 2 remains the most successful, with lifetime sales of 11.2 million copies. Given RE4’s huge start, it is safe to assume that it has every chance of outperforming the game in the long run.

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