BattleBit Remastered, a 254-player low-poly multiplayer shooter made by a small indie team, is now storming the charts. Last week, it generated more revenue on Steam than some AAA blockbusters like CoD: Modern Warfare II and Starfield.

BattleBit Remastered tops Steam charts as the highest-grossing premium game of the past week

According to SteamDB, Battlebit Remastered was the second top-selling game on Steam for the week ending June 20. It was second only to CS:GO, Valve’s free-to-play shooter, which makes Battlebit Remastered the highest-grossing premium title on the platform globally.

The game also outperformed CoD: Modern Warfare II (#4), Cyberpunk 2077 (#7), Starfield (#8), and Street Fighter 6 (#11). Given that Steam’s charts are based on revenue, not units sold, Battlebit Remastered, which costs just $15, has likely sold several hundred thousand copies since its Eearly Access launch on June 15.

Battlebit Remastered also peaked at 61,390 concurrent players on Steam. These are really impressive results for an online shooter created by such a small team.

The game currently has a 90% rating based on 11,695 user reviews. Most players praise Battlebit for its fun gameplay, massive online battles, and the feel of old-school Battlefield titles. “It may look like Roblox, but let me tell you, these blocks have done a phenomenal job of filling the Battlefield-sized hole in my heart left by 2042,” one user wrote.

Clearly inspired by the Battlefield series, Battlebit Remastered goes all-in in terms of gameplay. And its core mechanics, along with the large scale, is what drives the overall hype and engagement.

It is worth noting that the game was created by just three people, lead developer SgtOkiDoki, 3D artist Larry (TheLiquidHorse), and level designer Vilaskis.

The team managed to launch the project with eight modes, including Conquest, Rush, and Frontlines, dozens of weapons, 18 maps, and three match size options (up to 254 players). On top of that, Battlebit Remastered features destructible environments, different vehicles, and player customization.

So it looks like most shooter fans still prefer fun and engaging gameplay over fancy visuals. And it is interesting to see how the devs will be able to keep people entertained in the long run.

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