Genshin Impact remains one of the highest-grossing mobile games globally. However, miHoYo’s title has reached its lowest month in terms of revenue since its launch in September 2020.

Genshin Impact's monthly revenue dropped to record low in May 2023

The drop in revenue was spotted by GamerBraves after looking at ‌data from AppMagic.

  • In May 2023, Genshin Impact generated $53.8 million from in-app purchases on iOS and Android. For comparison, the game reached $87.7 million in revenue in April.
  • Previously, the worst month by revenue was June 2021, when Genshin Impact generated $65.6 million. It is followed by May 2022 ($68.7 million) and April 2021 ($71.1 million).
  • When it comes to peak months, October 2020 was the most prolific one with $172.1 million, followed by September 2021 ($158.5 million) and January 2022 ($141 million).

Genshin Impact’s monthly revenue (from September 2020 to May 2023)

  • In terms of downloads, Genshin Impact is pretty stable. In May, the game generated a little over 4 million installs, which is in line with previous months.

Genshin Impact’s monthly downloads (from September 2020 to May 2023)

  • The dip in revenue recorded last month was likely due to low sales of the Baizhu character banner, which brought in $1.9 million in day-one revenue on iOS in China (via GenshinLab). For comparison, the previous Nahida & Nilou banner generated over $8 million in the country.
  • On top of that, miHoYo recently launched a new game, Honkai: Star Rail, which can already be considered a hit due to its successful global launch. In its debut month, it surpassed $132 million in mobile revenue.
  • Despite a slight decline, Genshin Impact is still one of the highest-grossing mobile games in the world. According to AppMagic, it has been generating over $86 million per month on average this year so far.
  • China remains the number one country by revenue, accounting for 41% of the total $439.7 million generated by Genshin Impact in 2023. It is followed by Japan (23.5%), the US (10.9%), and South Korea (6.7%).

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