PUBG Mobile is the second highest-grossing mobile game globally. The title only strengthened its position after reaching a new revenue milestone.

PUBG Mobile surpasses $10 billion in revenue since its launch in March 2018

  • Player spending in PUBG Mobile has surpassed $10 billion since its global launch in March 2018, according to Sensor Tower.
  • China accounted for 60.3% of the game’s total revenue, followed by the US (10.7%), Japan (3.7%), and South Korea (1.6%).
  • In terms of RpD (revenue per download), China is also the number one country with $34.2, followed by Japan ($31.8), the US ($15.9), and South Korea ($7.9).
  • India, where PUBG Mobile operates as Battlegrounds Mobile India, accounts for 21.8% of total downloads. The top 3 countries also include China (14.3%) and the US (5.9%). However, Sensor Tower didn’t disclose the total number of installs.
  • Developed by Tencent’s subsidiary LightSpeed & Quantum, PUBG Mobile accounts for 21.2% of the Chinese tech giant’s mobile revenue (Honor of Kings tops with 26.3%). As for Krafton, which owns the IP rights for the main game, PUBG Mobile generates 87.4% of its mobile sales.
  • Tencent currently operates two of the highest-grossing mobile titles of the past two years, Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile, which generated over $5 billion and around $4.5 billion, respectively, during this period.
  • Other games in the top 5 by global player spending include Genshin Impact, Candy Crush Saga, and Roblox.
  • On top of that, PUBG Mobile is the number one mobile shooter by revenue, with a player spending of three times that of its closest rival, Garena’s Free Fire.

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