It’s been two weeks since Mighty DOOM launched on mobile devices. Let’s look at the game’s revenue, downloads, and other metrics.

Mighty DOOM revenue and downloads, according to AppMagic

  • Mighty DOOM initially soft launched in April 2021 on the Google Play Store. On March 21, version 1.0 became available on both iOS and Android in select countries.
  • According to AppMagic, Mighty Doom generated $966,556 from in-app purchases between March 21 and April 3.
  • The game’s peak day by revenue was April 1, when it brought in $105,717. Given that it currently makes an average of $80k-$100k per day, it will cross the $1 millon mark today.
  • 57.3% of IAP revenue came from iOS users, while Android accounts for 42.7% of the total.
  • Including all the money that Mighty DOOM generated during its very limited soft launch period, its lifetime revenue has already reached $1.23 million.

  • Between March 21 and April 3, the game generated 3.28 million downloads. Android accounts for 73.4% of total installs.
  • After the launch, the US remains the number one country by revenue, accounting for 65% of total IAP revenue. It is followed by the UK (5.7%), Germany (5.5%), France (4%), and Canada (2%).
  • The US also accounts for around 25% of Mighty DOOM’s downloads, followed by Mexico (9.6%), Brazil (7.4%), the UK (5%), and Spain (5%).

Mighty DOOM revenue and downloads by country

  • Mighty DOOM was also the most downloaded top-down shooter on mobile over the past week, according to AppMagic. The game also ranked 4th in the category in terms of revenue, behind only Zooba, SSSnaker, and Brawl Stars.

What is Mighty DOOM?

  • Mighty DOOM is a mobile spin-off to the world-famous franchise developed by Alpha Dog Games. The Canadian studio, which developed mobile titles like Wraithborne and Ninja Golf, was acquired by ZeniMax in 2019.
  • Instead of the Doom Slayer, players control the Mini Slayer, and the game itself is a top-down shooter rather than an FPS.
  • It is also clearly inspired by Archero, so the Mini Slayer shoots automatically, while the player has to move around randomly generated arenas and kill demons.
  • Mighty DOOM also has some roguelite elements with the meta progression between the runs, with users being able to level up, gain new perks, and upgrade their gear.

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