Capcom’s stock has reached an all-time high on the strong launch of the Resident Evil 4 remake. And it looks like the Japanese publisher’s successful run will continue this year.

Capcom shares hit an all-time high thanks to the Resident Evil 4 remake

Serkan Toto, industry analyst and CEO of Kantan Games, pointed out the change on Twitter. On Monday, Capcom’s stock price reached ¥‎4,865 ($36.59) per share. At the moment of writing, the price sits is around $36.2.

This is the new record for the Japanese publisher. For comparison, Capcom’s stock price was 20 times lower on January 11, 2005, when the original Resident Evil 4 came out.

The company currently has a market cap of ¥1.29 trillion ($9.7 billion).

Last year, Capcom reported $850 million in annual revenue and a record $320 million in operating profit, with its games selling 32.6 million units. For this fiscal year (ended March 31), the company expects to reach 40 million units sold and operating profit of $375.8 million (the report should arrive later this spring).

Capcom is now definitely on the rise, thanks to its strong back catalog and a series of well-received and commercially successful games. According to the company’s list of platinum titles, Monster Hunter: World has sold 18.6 million units globally since its January 2018 launch. Monster Hunter Rise added in another 11.7 million copies, with the latest installments in the Resident Evil series (including remakes) selling roughly 40 million units combined.

Devil May Cry 5, which sold 6.5 million copies globally, has become another revenue driver for Capcom in recent years. On top of that, Street Fighter 6, which is expected to launch on June 2, should also strengthen its position in the market.

Launched on March 24, the Resident Evil 4 remake had a great start, selling over 3 million million units worldwide in its first two days. The game also peaked at 168k concurrent players on Steam, which is the biggest launch on Valve’s platform in franchise history.

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