Relic Hunters: Rebels is the latest addition to Netflix’s growing library of mobile games. The studio behind this mobile game has explained its decision to make it exclusively available to the streaming platform’s subscribers.

Netflix announced that Relic Hunters: Rebels, the first mobile game by developer Rogue Snail, came out on May 3.

The studio’s CEO Mark Venturelli commented on the launch, saying that the team was excited to be among the first developers to work for Netflix Games.

“The idea that we could make games without worrying about monetization was also very compelling, as it allows us to focus on just making a fun game without having to worry about how to pay our bills,” he said. “This keeps the game fun and fair for everyone. Netflix also backed our vision and provided us with the creative freedom to develop Relic Hunters: Rebels just like we wanted.”

Rogue Snail is a Brazil-based studio founded in 2014. It has already launched several games, including Relic Hunters Zero and Star Vikings Forever.

Netflix, meanwhile, continues to play actively in the M&A field. The company has acquired several teams over the last few months, including Dungeon Boss maker Boss Fight Entertainment, The Walking Dead: Our World developer Next Games and Oxenfree creator Night School Studio.

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