Afghanistan has become another region where PUBG is facing local restrictions. Krafton’s global hit will be banned in the country, alongside TikTok.

The decision was made during a cabinet meeting on April 20, Taliban spokesman Inamullah Samangani said on Twitter. He noted that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is now required to block PUBG and TikTok for “misleading the younger generation.”

Samangani later added the group received a “lot of complaints about how the TikTok app and the PUBG game are wasting people’s time” (via Bloomberg). On top of that, the Ministry is required to prevent local TV channels from airing “immoral” content.

It is unclear, however, whether both PUBG and its mobile version will be banned in Afghanistan.

Last year, Bangladesh temporarily blocked PUBG Mobile and Free Fire in the country to save children from “moral degradation.” Krafton’s game was also banned in India in 2020 but eventually returned under a new name.

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