Prominent video game writer Erik Wolpaw, who is known for working with Double Fine and Valve, has expressed the desire to work on Portal 3. He addressed this message to whoever could make it happen.

Portal 2

Wolpaw opened up about it during the latest episode of the Kiwi Talkz podcast. He ended the show with a little petition to Gabe Newell or any other person at Valve who could help bring the next Portal game to life.

“We’ve gotta start Portal 3. That’s my message to… to whoever,” Wolpaw said (via VGC), adding, “I am not getting any younger. We are reaching the point where it’s crazy to think [that we’re] literally going to be too old to work on Portal 3, so we should just do it.”

During the conversation, the writer also noted that it would be really hard to fulfill this dream, considering the amount of work all 300 employees are doing at Valve. “As much as it seems like Valve often [is] just a bunch of people sitting around sipping gin and tonics by a pool, everybody’s working,” he said.

Erik Wolpaw’s writing portfolio includes games like Psychonauts, Half-Life: Episode One and Episode Two, as well as Left 4 Dead and both Portal titles. Although he left Valve in 2017, he later served as a part-time writer on Half-Life: Alyx.

While Portal 3 is still unlikely to happen, Valve recently released Aperture Desk Job, a free game set in a Portal universe and made exclusively for Steam Deck.

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