EA has removed all Russian themes from FIFA 22 following its decision to suspend game sales in the country. The company noted that it “stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people.”


The changes were made in the latest FIFA 22 update. EA Sports removed the Russian national team, as well as all the country-related teams and stadiums “in line with real world actions taken by our partners at FIFA and UEFA.”

  • If a player previously selected any Russian club as their favorite, it will be changed to PSG.
  • The Russian teams are no longer available in any competition in the career mode.
  • EA also removed all Russia-themed stadium customization items.

Electronic Arts initially announced its plans to remove Russian teams from FIFA 22 last month. The publisher also suspended all its business operations in the country, joining a handful of other global game companies, including Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Square Enix, CD Projekt, and SEGA.

Developers across the globe continue to support Ukraine and its people. The games industry has already raised $195 million for humanitarian aid efforts. Epic Games and Microsoft are among the biggest contributors, donating $144 million from Fortnite revenue.

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