CD Projekt’s digital storefront GOG has announced a shift in its strategy, going back to its roots. The company wants, once again, to become the best place for classic DRM-free PC games.

The announcement was made on the GOG official website. The company will make a few steps on its way to the “revival of Good Old Games concept.”

  • First of all, GOG will add the “Good Old Game” tag. It will showcase 500 critically acclaimed games, which are older than 10 years and labeled iconic classics by the store’s team.
  • The list includes titles like Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, Gothic, Planescape Torment, System Shock 2, and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
  • However, this move doesn’t mean that new releases will disappear from GOG. The company wants to increase visibility and discoverability of old classic titles in the first place.
  • “They have the power to connect generations,” GOG said of the importance of these old games. “They have the power to evoke nostalgia. They have the power to teach us about what came before and shaped the games we enjoy today. And they deserve to be remembered, and available for everyone to enjoy.”

Last year, CD Projekt announced a restructure of the GOG team following losses of $2.2 million during the third quarter of 2021. That’s when the company first revealed a shift towards selling a handpicked selection of DRM-free titles.

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