Soon after Blue Box deleted several tweets about Abandoned, the studio responded to rumors about the game’s cancellation. However, it is still not ready to release a prologue, which was promised months ago.

Blue Box Game Studios shared a statement on March 31, saying that all the latest rumors are false. The team noted that it is now working on the “reveal via the Realtime Experience app and online-channels along with the Prologue of the game.”

The studio initially planned to release them in the first quarter of 2022 but “underestimated our development roadmap.” In a new apology, Blue Box said that Abandoned: Prologue will come out when it is “stable, good and ready.”

The statement is a direct response to yesterday’s report on the disappearance of several tweets about Abandoned’s future. This made players doubt the game’s existence again, considering previous delays and many conspiracy theories surrounding the upcoming PS5 exclusive.

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