Steam has been increasing its user base with each year, leaving all its rivals behind. As of 2021, it has the highest MAU among other video games platforms, including the ones of Sony, Microsoft, and Epic Games.

TweakTown PR and gaming editor Derek Strickland shared the graph on Twitter, adding new data based on Steam’s latest annual report.

  • Prior to 2020, PS Network was the leader by monthly active users, with Steam stepping on its heels.
  • Valve’s platform took first place in 2020 with MAU of 120 million users. It was followed by PS Network (114 million) and Xbox Live (90 million).
  • Steam grew by another 12 million in 2021, peaking at 132 million MAU. It is now 21 million ahead of the PS Network’s active user base, with Xbox Live sitting in third place (100 million).

  • Epic Games Store, launched in December 2018, is still an outsider. However, its MAU almost doubled between 2019 and 2021 — from 32 million to 62 million monthly active users.
  • Xbox Live has also shown impressive growth over the years. While its MAU was almost two times less than Sony’s numbers in 2018, it is now only 11 million behind the PS Network.

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