Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has explained the company’s motives behind the Bungie acquisition. This deal is in line with PlayStation’s strategy of expanding beyond just one console and making new live-service games.

Destiny 2

Ryan opened up about it in an interview with Here are the key takeaways from the conversation.

  • As it was mentioned yesterday, Bungie games will remain multiplatform. In return, Sony will gain the Destiny developer’s expertise in creating huge online live-service titles.
  • According to Ryan, it was the easiest conclusion they reached during the negotiations: “And [multiplatform] approach will apply to future Bungie releases. That is unequivocal.”
  • PlayStation understands the importance of creative independence through its in-house studios like Naughty Dog and Insomniac. So the company’s goal is to provide Bungie with all resources and support it needs to fulfill its unique vision.
  • Ryan noted that PlayStation is on its way to expanding beyond its “historic console heartland.” It means reaching new audiences by bringing the company’s games to other platforms and investing in services. And the Bungie acquisition should help make this transition faster.
  • “Philosophically, this isn’t about pulling things into the PlayStation world,” the SIE boss noted.
  • He said that the company already has a roadmap on how to create new ways for players to interact with PlayStation’s popular IPs and characters. However, Ryan is not ready to reveal more details yet.
  • On the one hand, Sony had enough resources to make live-service games on its own. On the other hand, it was better to find an experienced partner like Bungie to get into this field. “We think we can take something that would have taken a certain number of years, and significantly decrease the time it will take to get it right,” Ryan said.
  • Speaking of Bungie’s internal issues, including reports of racism and other forms of discrimination at the workplace, Ryan noted that Sony has very high standards and treats problems like this seriously. So the company was impressed by the way Bungie “organizes and conducts itself.”
  • It is worth noting that this acquisition is not a direct response to Microsoft’s buy-out of Activision Blizzard as PlayStation has been preparing the deal for months.
  • Ryan, however, noted that “we should absolutely expect more” actions from Sony in this area. So the Bungie acquisition perhaps won’t be the last coming from the company this year.

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