Cliff Bleszinski has shared his thoughts on a Twitch leak of popular streamers’ payouts. The Gears of War creator stated that it is sad that game developers are getting significantly less money.

Cliff Bleszinski at E3 2010

Bleszinski shared a message on Twitter, saying that while he respects all content creators, he is upset that “so many are making way more money than most of the game developers that made the games they stream.”

The post caused debate online, with some people saying that the game designer is envious and hates Twitch streamers for their incomes. Bleszinski, however, noted that he just wants game developers to get paid more.

“Similarly, we can probably agree teachers should earn more than professional athletes, but until Mrs. Murphy’s 5th grade math lesson is riveting enough to fill a stadium, it ain’t happening,” animator Dan Jones noted.

Alanah Pearce, who is now working on God of War: Ragnarok at Santa Monica Studio, said: “Let it be known that I am both a content creator and work in game development and I am still not even remotely close to earning as much as those creators do.”

The streamers’ payout information was unveiled in the massive Twitch leak that happened earlier this week. According to the data, a lot of top content creators earn tens of thousands of dollars per month. For example, creators of Dungeons & Dragons live-play series Critical Role earned over $9 million between August 2019 and October 2021.

In comparison, a software developer makes $62,400 a year in the US on average, according to PayScale. However, only 0.01% of Twitch streamers get huge payouts like the one presented in the leak.

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