Twitch has been hacked by an anonymous leaker, who revealed its source code, streamers’ payout information, and other data. The leak also includes information about a project codenamed Vapor, which seems to be an in-development Steam competitor.

Twitter user Sinoc shared data about Vapor on October 6. The unreleased project from Amazon Game Studios reportedly should have integrated most of Twitch’s features.

The leak also refers to a game titled Vaperworld, which is developed on Unity might be “some sort of VR chat thing,” according to Sinoc.

Amazon itself has never shared any information about Vapor or its plans to compete with online stores from Valve and Epic Games. The company, however, continues its expansion into the games market following the successful launch of MMORPG New World, which reached over 700K concurrent players in its first 24 hours.

It is still unclear who was the person behind the leak. After sharing a torrent link on 4chan, the user said that their intention was to “foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space.”

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