Angry Birds creator Rovio has made a deal to use Moomin characters in its upcoming mobile games. The studio also made an investment into Gutsy Animations, hoping to diversify its IP portfolio.

Rovio announced the 6-year deal on its official website on June 21. The Finnish studio not only gained exclusive rights to publish mobile games based on the Moomin IP but also acquired a €2.5 million stake in Gutsy Animations, with a similar-sized convertible loan.

“Working with Gutsy and Moomin will give us the opportunity to present this iconic brand to new audiences across the globe at the same time as we surely will delight our existing fans. This partnership will diversify our IP portfolio, which is a key step in our consistent growth strategy,” Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand said.

The Angry Birds developer will have a chance to extend the deal by another six years. The first game based on the Moomin franchise is already in development, and Rovio expects it to reach a soft launch later this year.

Moomins were created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson. The brand which started with books and comics became a huge franchise, which includes songs, TV series, films, theme parks, and even theatrical versions. Moomins are especially popular in Japan, so Rovio also hopes to strengthen its positions in one of the biggest gaming markets.

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