China has very strict rules when it comes to publishing games. According to the data from the latest hack, CD Projekt removed certain content from the Chinese version of Cyberpunk 2077. Controversially, this censored content happens to be labeled “Winnie the Pooh.”

A Reddit user paid attention to it on June 7, sharing a screenshot of the leaked Cyberpunk 2077 source code. It appears that CD Projekt used eight censorship flags to mark different types of restricted content in the game.

Seven of them are related to topics like nudity, gore, drugs, and religion. And the last one, labeled “Winnie the Pooh,” is allegedly related to content that is restricted in China.

If this information proves to be true, CD Projekt might face new problems. It is due to the fact that the image of Winnie the Pooh is banned in China because people used to compare the country’s president Xi Jinping with this character.

It is also worth noting that CD Proket has already dealt with Chinese censorship. The company refused to release Devotion on GOG because of a joke related to Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh.

Cyberpunk 2077 also hasn’t been officially released in China yet. However, the game had a huge start in the country.

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