The remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy has become the best-selling game on Steam, displacing Resident Evil: Village from the top. Other new entries include Subnautica: Below Zero and the upcoming ARPG Biomutant.

According to SteamDB, Mass Effect Legendary Edition peaked at 59,817 concurrent players, which is the highest for any BioWare title on Steam. It was enough for the original trilogy’s remaster to take 1st place on Steam’s weekly chart.

The game was followed by both Resident Evil: Village and its special bundle with Resident Evil 7. Subnautica: Below Zero, released on May 14, debuted in 5th place, while DOOM Eternal returned in the top 10 — thanks to a 67-percent discount.

Steam’s top-sellers of the week (May 16)

  • 1. Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • 2. Resident Evil: Village
  • 3. Resident Evil: Village & Resident Evil 7 Complete Bundle
  • 4. Valve Index VR Kit
  • 5. Subnautica: Below Zero
  • 6. It Takes Two
  • 7. Hood: Outlaws & Legends
  • 8. DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition
  • 9. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
  • 10. Biomutant

Mass Effect Legendary Edition also topped the UK Boxed Charts, with PS4 accounting for 68% of sales (based on physical copies). However, it only managed to sell half of what Resident Evil: Village did a week earlier.

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