Tune in on games industry conference WN Winter’21 on February 10, at 12:00 (CET time), for a keynote session “Your App May Be Blocked Soon; Plus 5 Essential Things That No One is Telling You About iOS 14.”


In his talk, Roman Garbar, Marketing Director, Tenjin, will focus on what he describes as “the biggest industry shift that he has seen.”

In addition to IDFA-related topics, Roman will discuss other important changes brought about by the upcoming iOS 14 update. For example, the fact that apps can be rejected in the App Store for using fingerprinting after iOS 14.5.

iOS 14 is a perfect test on how your business can adapt to the global changes. I feel like the majority is not going to pass this test. Tenjin’s priority is to minimize the impact of iOS 14 on mobile developers.

Roman Garbar

Marketing Director, Tenjin


Over the last year, Tenjin has been helping mobile publisher brace for the iOS attribution shift.

  • They were were first to introduce training that helps publishers determine the events they want to send as ConversionValues in SKAdNetwork.
  • For a limited number of clients, Tenjin opened the Attribution Modeling beta-test for a limited number of clients.

Tune in for Roman’s talk and get a chance to win a Nintendo Switch.