PUBG Corp. is discontinuing all access to PUBG Mobile in India on October 30. This is despite the company’s decision to withdraw the publishing rights from Tencent in the country. The talks with the local publishers have also failed.

The game was banned by the Indian authorities on September 2 along with another 117 mobile apps from Chinese companies. They were deemed “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India.”

PUBG Mobile, however, remained accessible in the country for users who already had the game installed. TechCrunch cites a mobile insight firm claiming that PUBG Mobile retained over 90% of its monthly active users despite the ban.

This has apparently become a thing of the past now that the publisher has terminated all access to the game. “Protecting user data has always been a top priority and we have always complied with applicable data protection laws and regulations in India. All users’ gameplay information is processed in a transparent manner as disclosed in our privacy policy. We deeply regret this outcome, and sincerely thank you for your support and love for PUBG Mobile in India,” the company said.