Another market intelligence tool is increasingly used across global mobile game markets. It’s called SocialPeta. The tool keeps track of your competitors’ advertising data.


Fiona Long, SocialPeta

Fiona Long, SocialPeta, discusses the tool’s three main functions:

  • Ad Intelligence
  • Ad Analysis
  • Cost Intelligence

Ad Intelligence

As part of this feature, SocialPeta provides advertising information from multiple dimensions, such as advertising creativity, advertising data analysis, advertiser analysis, popular advertising lists, popular trend lists, etc. All this information can help the advertisers in getting inspiration from the competitors and learn from their mistakes.

Below is the chart of global top advertisers in the Q3 2020 generated with the help of SocialPeta. It shows that mid to hardcore games have become the mainstream while casual games take up only five places, three places less than the previous year.


SocialPeta’s Ad Intelligence report includes main networks, game genre, popularity, and deduplicated creative count. Advertisers can use these insights to see what are the current trends of the industry.

Ad Analysis

The ad analysis feature of SocialPeta allows users to analyze the competitors’ advertising strategy and their ad creatives in a very detailed manner. All the data of an ad can be accessed in a matter of a few clicks, from copywriting to publishing network, dimensions, creative type, etc. Moreover, you can also download the ad creative you’re interested in.


Above is the screenshot from SocialPeta showing detailed advertising data, including impression, popularity, and duration, to help you better grasp competitors’ dynamics. If you click on details, you can also access the demographics data for the ad.

Cost Intelligence

The cost intelligence feature of SocialPeta helps determine the estimated advertising cost for your ad campaigns on Facebook. 

The graphical representation of CPC trends, CTR, and CPM data is available for any given search query.


Moreover, the results of the query also include the country-specific ranking charts and CPC trends of the keyword apart from the already mentioned CPC, CTR, and CPM values.


On October 28, SocialPeta will speak at WN Fall 2020 on “Mobile Games 2020 Insights into Global Media Buy and Creative Advertising.” The speakers will discuss global trends in the mobile advertising market, the top advertisers in the last quarter, as well as the situation with Facebook Networks.

Participants will also be able to ask the speakers about the SocialPeta