South Korean company PUBG Corp. had to discontinue the publishing deal with Tencent in India after 118 Chinese apps were blocked in the country in early September amid a border conflict. The developer hoped that this would change the position of the authorities regarding the game.

However, India now says the ban was only in part due to PUBG Corp’s ties to Tencent. Apparently, the authorities also took into account the violent nature of the game itself.

“The violent nature of the game has been the cause of many complaints from all quarters. That does not change with the change in ownership rights,” an anonymous source told Reuters.

A spokeswoman for PUBG Corp. said that the company is ready to work with the Indian government to resolve the problem. The company has also initiated talks local company Jio Platforms, which is owned by Reliance Industries, India’s largest holding .


Even if PUBG Corp fails to enlist Jio as a publisher, the battle royale make will certainly continue to look for new ways to bring their game back to India. A quarter of all PUBG Mobile downloads come from this region.