Facebook is developing its own operating system. Once it’s created, Facebook can move its hardware away from Android.

As TechCrunch reports, a new OS commissioned by Facebook is being developed by Mark Lucovsky, an ex- Microsoft employee, one of the creators of Windows NT .

Facebook acknowledges the project is designed to secure its devices against dependence on Google.

“We want to occupy our niche in the next generation. And we do not think that we can trust the entire market or individual competitors in this. Therefore, we do (the new OS) ourselves, ” says Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Facebook’s VP of Hardware.

Right now, many of Facebook gadgets work on Android which makes them vulnerable in case of any frictions with Google. Leaving Android means Facebook will be able to increase the privacy on its projects, as well have more control on its tech.

The plan is to integrate the new OS into XR products, such as AR glasses or Oculus headsets (old and new). However, Facebook’s apps will still be available through Google Play .

Facebook is steadily increasing its efforts in the AR space. For example, at the recent Oculus Connect 6, it presented LiveMaps and announced the “augmented reality of the future.” It’s possible that the new OS will be integrated with this virtual space.