As of October 2016, Russia’s MMO games market turnover had increased by a quarter compared to the same period last year.

oborot-rossijskogo-ry-nka-mmo-igr-v-oktyabre-vy-ros-na-25-protsentov received this data from Webmoney Transfer and PayMaster.

Compared to September this year, the market turnover had also shown a 10% increase.


“Among other factors, demand had grown due to people returning from their vacations,” explained Tatiana Milacheva, Marketing Communications Director at Webmoney Transfer.

By the end of October each Russian MMO player had spent an average of 744 roubles ($11.9). It is more than back in October 2015, when the number was equal 715 ($11.4), but although less than it was in September with 767 roubles ($12.3) at its peak.