Capcom is expanding by adding a new subsidiary to its corporate structure. The Japanese publisher now owns a majority stake in a Taiwanese studio specializing in video game animation.

Capcom acquires Minimum Studios, animation company behind Resident Evil 4 and Dragon's Dogma 2

Resident Evil 4 (2023)

  • Capcom announced today in a press release that it has acquired two-thirds of Minimum Studios’ total shares, making it a subsidiary company.
  • The studio’s paid-in capital amounts to NT$ 888.8k ($27.3k). However, the financial terms of the deal remain undisclosed.
  • According to Capcom, the acquisition of Minimum Studios will help the company “bolster its developmental and technological capabilities, aiming to achieve its long-term management goal of 100 million units in annual sales.”

Capcom has repeatedly spoken about these ambitions. After launching Monster Hunter Now last year, the company cited mobile gaming as one of its potential long-term growth drivers. “While we continue to use PC as our main platform, I hope to achieve our 100 million copies goal with contribution from AAA-type titles on smartphones,” COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto noted.

Based in Taiwan, Minimum Studios was founded in 2018 by visual artist William Chang. The company is focused on the production of game, film, and advertising animation, including keyframe animation and motion capture.

Its first large-scale project was Resident Evil Village, for which the team made in-game and cutscene animation. Minimum Studios has since partnered with Capcom on titles like Resident Evil 4 (remake) and Dragon’s Dogma 2.

This deal is in line with Capcom’s picky approach to acquisitions, as the publisher prefers to make rare purchases that suit its needs rather than large-scale merges. Last year, it acquired Swordcanes Studio, a support studio that worked on games like Street Fighter 6 and Hi-Fi Rush.

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