It’s been a year since the launch of Dave the Diver. To celebrate the anniversary, developer Mintrocket shared an updated on the game’s sales, as well as other stats.

Dave the Diver sells 4 million globally as Mintrocket celebrates game's first anniversary

Dave the Diver — Godzilla Content Pack

Dave the Diver director Jaeho Hwang opened up about the sales in a new video released on the game’s first anniversary.

“I believe we passed 4 million copies, but I’m not too sure since we don’t know the number of physical copies sold,” he said, also thanking all the players for their support, as well as partners at Sony and Nintendo for letting Dave the Diver on their platforms.

The game sold over 1 million copies in its first 10 days, surpassing the 3 million milestone in January 2024. It is unclear how sales are split between platforms, but we can assume that PC accounts for the majority of copies sold (since the Switch and PlayStation versions arrived later).

Launched in June 2023, Dave the Diver received widespread acclaim from both critics and players. It was one of the highest-rated new titles on Steam last year, also peaking at over 98k concurrent users (12th among all 2023 releases).

Although Dave the Diver is a single-player game, Mintrocket continued to actively support it during its first year. The studio released two free crossover DLCs: one with indie hit Dredge, and another with the Godzilla franchise.

The team plans to collaborate with more IPs. For example, users can now play a mini version of Dave the Diver in Goddes of Victory: Nikke, a popular mobile game from fellow South Korean developer Shift Up.

Dave the Diver has clearly become a huge success for Mintrocket, a standalone subsidiary of major publisher Nexon. The game also received the Game Design award at the 20th British Academy Games Awards.

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