NCSoft has announced a major business restructuring. The Lineage maker will split into two entities, NC QA Company and NC IDS Company.

 NCSoft to split into two companies focused on different business areas

Lineage 2M

According to the official statement, NCSoft decided to spin off its business into two divisions after holding a board meeting today. Here is the new proposed structure of the company, which implies the establishment of separate entities:

  • NC QA Company (NCQA) will specialize in game-related QA, as well as other services in the areas of system integration and information technology;
  • NC IDS Company (NCIDS) will specialize in game development, publishing, and operation of live products.

Both names are temporary and may be subject to change in the future.

Through this split, the South Korean company plans to “establish a management system that allows for quick and professional decision-making in each business division” and strengthen its core competitiveness.

On August 14, NCSoft will hold a general meeting where shareholders will vote on the division. The split is scheduled for October 1.

Founded in 1997, NCSoft is a South Korean corporation focused on developing and publishing video games. It currently has three subsidiaries: ArenaNet (Guild Wars), Iron Tiger Studios (mobile developer), and NC Dinos (baseball team).

NCSoft rose to fame with its MMORPG Lineage, which has evolved into a global franchise since its original release in 1998. Last year, Lineage mobile games, including Lineage M and Lineage W, surpassed $7 billion in lifetime revenue.

Other games in the company’s portfolio include MMORPGs Aion and Blade & Soul.

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