Dungeon & Fighter Mobile has proven to be a massive success for Tencent. Here is everything to know about the game’s performance in its first month of launch in China.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile generates $270 million on iOS in China in 30 days

DnF Mobile generated $270 million on iOS in the 30 days after its launch in China, Bloomberg reports, citing data from Sensor Tower.

The game topped both revenue and download charts in the country. It also leads all other mobile titles developed or published by Tencent in first-month iOS revenue in China:

  • DnF Mobile — $270 million
  • Honor of Kings — $130 million
  • Peacekeeper Elite (Chinese version of PUBG Mobile) — $69 million
  • Teamfight Tactics — $37 million
  • Fantasy Westward Journey — $32 million

This is in line with data from AppMagic, which estimates the game’s life-to-date earnings at over $195 million. The difference in numbers is due to the fact that AppMagic tracks in-app revenue (reduced by platform fees and inclusive taxes) rather than gross player spending. According to the platform, the DnF Mobile (地下城与勇士:起源) also generated over 5 million downloads on iOS in China.

DnF Mobile’s daily revenue (blue) and downloads (red), according to AppMagic

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile reached $63 million in player spending on iOS in its first week. This means the game took three weeks to generate another $207 million.

DnF Mobile is also available on Android, but Google Play is banned in China and Sensor Tower doesn’t track data from third-party platforms. In addition, Tencent recently pulled the title from major third-party Android stores owned by smartphone makers like Huawei and Oppo due to unpsecified “adjustments” in their partnerships. The Chinese tech giant currently distributes the .APK file through the game’s official website and stores like TapTap, making it even harder to estimate player spending outside of the App Store.

With the new data from Sensor Tower, Niko Partners analyst also Xiaofeng Zeng expects DnF Mobile’s 2024 gross revenue to be between 15 billion and 18 billion yuan ($2.1-2.5 billion) across all platforms.

Given its strong launch, the game has the potential to become a great addition to Tencent’s live service portfolio. As Bloomberg pointed out, “even at roughly $1 billion, DnF Mobile would contribute approximately 5% of Tencent’s domestic game sales this year.”

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