Ghost of Tsushima has joined the growing list of PlayStation’s first-party games coming to PC. Despite the new regional restrictions, the title is performing well in terms of player count.

Ghost of Tsushima peaks at 57k concurrent players on Steam, 4th biggest launch for PlayStation

Launched on May 16, the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima quickly peaked at 57,934 concurrent players (via SteamDB). It currently ranks 11th in peak CCU among all 2024 releases on Steam, above titles such as Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (56.9k CCU), Tekken 8 (49.9k CCU), and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (46.1k CCU).

  1. Palworld — 2.1 million CCU
  2. Helldivers 2 — 458.7k CCU
  3. Last Epoch — 264.7k CCU
  4. Dragon’s Dogma 2 — 228.5 CCU
  5. Content Warning — 204.4k CCU
  6. Manor Lords — 173.1k CCU
  7. Enshrouded — 160.4k CCU
  8. Granblue Fantasy: Relink — 114k CCU
  9. Hades II — 103.5k CCU
  10. Gray Zone Warfare — 72.5k CCU
  11. Ghost of Tsushima — 57.9k CCU

When looking at other PlayStation-published games on Steam, Ghost of Tsushima ranks 4th in peak concurrent players, or 3rd when excluding Arrowhead’s smash hit Helldivers 2, which is a third-party title.

  1. Helldivers 2 — 458.7k CCU
  2. God of War — 73.5k CCU
  3. Marvel’s Spider-Man — 66.4k CCU
  4. Ghost of Tsushima — 57.9k CCU
  5. Horizon Zero Dawn — 56.5k CCU

Top PlayStation PC LLC games on Steam by peak concurrent players (via SteamDB)

Ghost of Tsushima currently has a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, with 84% of the 3,745 user reviews being positive. According to Steam Scout, 61.5% of all reviews are written in English, followed by Simplified Chinese (9.1%), German (3.8%), Brazilian Portuguese (3.5%), and Russian (3.1%).

Negative reviews are mostly focused on the fact that Ghost of Tsushima is not available in nearly 180 countries on Steam. Due to a requirement of the PSN account for multiplayer, Sony decided not to sell the game in regions without official access to its online services (as was the recent case with Helldivers 2), also refunding all pre-orders from those countries.

“Sony thanks a lot for the automatic refunds, for stopping sales of the game not in First World countries, for not adapting PSN to different regions after so many years. And for all the good stuff in general,” one user wrote.

Partial list of purchase-restricted countries for Ghost of Tsushima (via SteamDB)

Interestingly, users from these countries now can’t even view the game’s page on Steam. We opened it via VPN in several restricted regions and saw the following message: “This item is currently unavailable in your region.”

Some might say that this probably isn’t a big deal for PlayStation, given that most of its sales come from the US and major EU countries. However, this whole situation is definitely something that can’t be justified or encouraged from the player’s perspective — especially when you’re a global corporation with vast resources and the “Play Has No Limits” slogan.

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