Manor Lords has reached its first major milestone in less than a month after its Early Access launch. The city builder has already sold over 2 million copies on PC.

Manor Lords hits 2 million copies sold, cementing its position as one of best-selling indie games of 2024

Publisher Hooded Horse shared the news on May 16, with CEO Tim Bender saying that “we had some pretty optimistic expectations and even some wild hopes, but reaching two million copies on Manor Lords so quickly has exceeded even those.”

Manor Lords is available on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store, but it is unclear how sales are split between the stores. It is also worth noting that the total player base could be higher, considering that the title is also part of the PC Game Pass subscription.

Developer Greg Styczeń reacted to the news with just one word, “Insane,” also thanking everyone for playing Manor Lords.

Launched on April 26, Manor Lords initially peaked at 159k concurrent players on Steam, with that number eventually exceeding 173k. Despite a sharp decline in player count due to the lack of content in the EA version, these are still truly impressive results.

The 173k peak makes Manor Lords the 6th biggest launch of 2024 in terms of concurrent players, between the initially free-to-claim Content Warning (204.4k CCU) and indie survival hit Enshrouded (160.4k CCU).

Manor Lords also has the highest peak CCU among all games with the City Builder tag on Steam. Other titles in the top 10 include Civilization VI (162.6k CCU), Cities: Skylines II (104.6k CCU), Age of Empires IV (73.9k CCU), RimWorld (62.2k CCU), Dyson Sphere Program (60.2k CCU), and Humankind (55.2k CCU).

Most players City Builder games on Steam by peak concurrent players (via SteamDB)

Of course, Manor Lords’ success is far from the level of Palworld, which has already reached over 25 million players (including 15+ million units sold on Steam). But it is still looks strong against other successful indie releases of 2024, such as Last Epoch (2.13 million units sold in its first month), Balatro (over 1 million units sold in less than a month), Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor (over 1 million copies sold in its first month), and Enshrouded (1 million players in four days, 2 million copies sold in less than a month).

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