Following the announcement of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, FromSoftware has updated sales figures for the original Elden Ring game. It seems that players continue to actively buy the studio’s action RPG.

Elden Ring surpasses 23 million copies sold in less than two years

According to a new press release, Elden Ring has surpassed 23 million units sold globally, including physical copies and digital downloads on platforms like Steam.

The game took just under two years to reach this milestone. Below are the main milestones in Elden Ring’s life cycle:

  • 12 million copies* — in March 2022 (less than a month after its launch on February 25, 2022);

*It is worth noting that Bandai Namco expected the game to sell over 4 million units in five weeks, so its performance was way above the publisher’s projections

This means Elden Ring has sold another 3 million units in the last 12 months, which is an impressive achievement for a mainly single-player game.

For comparison, the entire Dark Souls series has reached 35.18 million copies sold (as of March 2023). DS3 remains the best-selling title in the franchise, with lifetime sales of over 10 million units.

Speaking of other FromSoftware titles, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice also sold over 10 millon copies globally. According to last year’s leak, which was part of the Insomniac Games hack, Bloodborne has lifetime sales of nearly 7.5 million copies (as of February 2022).

Last week, Bandai Namco transferred the Elden Ring rights to FromSoftware, meaning the studio now fully owns the IP. However, the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion will still be co-published by the two companies.

Despite the success of Elden Ring, FromSoftware currently has no plans for a sequel, but Hidetaka Miyazaki told IGN that “we definitely don’t want to snuff out that possibility.”

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will come out on PC and consoles on June 21.

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