It took Elden Ring less than 12 months to reach 20 million copies sold globally. It is now the fastest-selling title by FromSoftware, and here are its figures compared to other Soulsborne games.

Bandai Namco made the announcement on Ferbruary 22, saying that the total sales figure includes both physical and digital copies.

The last time Bandai Namco disclosed sales figures for Elden Ring was in November 2022, when the game surpassed the 17.5 million mark. This means it has sold an additional 2.5 million units globally since then.

Elden Ring sales compared to other FromSoftware games

  • According to the latest data from Bandai Namco, the entire Dark Souls series has shipped 33.4 million units outside of Japan between September 2011 and March 2022.
  • The first Dark Souls game sold 2.37 million units in 18 months, not to mention the Prepare to Die Edition figures.
  • Dark Souls II had surpassed 2.5 million units sold globally by April 2015, and Dark Souls III had sold over 10 million copies worldwide by May 2020.
  • Considering the total shipments above, lifetime sales of these titles have likely increased since Bandai Namco last disclosed figures for each.
  • Speaking of other Soulsborne titles developed by FromSoftware, Demon’s Souls had sold over 1 million units globally by 2011, with its remake surpassing the 1.4 million mark in less than a year since its launch.
  • Bloodborne has reached over 2 million units sold globally, as of September 2015.
  • Released in 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice had sold over 5 million copies by July 2020.
  • Elden Ring is without a doubt the fastest-selling game in the history of Bandai Namco and FromSoftware, and has every chance of surpassing the total sales of the entire Dark Souls franchise in the future.

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