The drama surrounding The Day Before continues. The game is no longer available for purchase on Steam, while information about its launch sales has been leaked online.

The Day Before managed to sell 201k copies, but almost 50% of players refunded game amid controversy

Shortly after Fntastic announced its closure, The Day Before has been delisted from Steam. The studio noted that the game “has failed financially,” saying that it currently doesn’t have the funding for further development.

Fntastic didn’t publicly disclose the sales figures, but a leaked message from co-founder Eduard Gotovtsev (spotted by GameDiscoverCo’s Simon Carless) shows that The Day Before has sold 201,076 copies since its launch on December 7.

Interestingly, 91,694 units were eventually returned, indicating a whopping refund rate of 45.6%. This means the studio managed to reach just under 110k copies sold.

“The game failed financially and did not play off, the result is even worse than that of Propnight,” Gotovtsev wrote, adding that sales of The Day Before quickly dropped to zero.

On December 12, The Day Before publisher Mytona released a statement to address the situation with the game and its future. The company is now working with Steam to “open up refunds for any players who choose to make a refund.”

In a separate message on X (formerly Twitter), Fntastic noted that it “received $0 and will receive nothing from The Day Before sales.”

Once the most wishlisted upcoming game on Steam, The Day Before has failed to live up to all the hype surrounding it. At launch, it received an “Overwhelmingly Negative” rating from players, becoming one of the worst-rated titles on the platform of all time. At the moment of writing, only 16% of more than 20k user reviews are positive.

Despite peaking at over 38k concurrent users, The Day Before has quickly lost most of its player base. People accused Fntastic of scam, saying that “this game is not an MMO, despite being advertised as such. It’s completely misleading.” Some players also found out that the devs could have used many pre-made Unreal assets instead of creating their own, while a large portion of older trailers and videos showcasing the open world and other features went missing from the studio’s YouTube channel.

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