Polish developer One More Level has disclosed the first figures for Ghostrunner 2, a sequel to its commercially successful cyberpunk action game. Let’s take a closer look at the data.

Ghostrunner 2 hits $6 million in revenue, recouping its production budget in less than week after launch

One More Level estimated total revenue from the basic version of Ghostrunner 2 at PLN 24.4 million ($6.13 million), according to Bankier.pl. The game hit this milestone on October 31, just five days after its global launch.

Ghostrunner 2’s production costs amounted to PLN 16.7 million ($4.2 million), so its gross profit reached PLN 7.7 million ($1.93 million).

The studio, however, didn’t disclose the game’s sales or other details.

Released on October 26, Ghostrunner 2 received positive reviews from critics, with an average score on Metacritic of 80 (PS5 and PC versions). On Steam, it currently holds a 91% rating based on more than 2,000 user reviews. The original Ghostrunner has over 40k reviews, with 92% of them being positive.

According to SteamDB, Ghostrunner 2 peaked at just 2,264 concurrent players. For comparison, the first game had a much higher player count at launch — 11,294 CCU. Even three years after launch, the original Ghostrunner has much higher online numbers than its sequel.

Online charts for Ghostrunner and Ghostrunner 2 (via SteamDB)

In May 2021, publisher 505 Games acquired the Ghostrunner IP from All in! Games for €5 million. At the time, the company disclosed that the first game’s production costs amounted to €2.5 million ($2.74 million at current exchange rates). As of September 2023, it had sold over 2.5 million copies globally.

Ghostrunner 2 is likely expected to at least repeat the success of its predecessor in the future, especially since it has a higher production budget. Earlier this year, 505 Games allocated over €500k for the game’s post-release support, with upcoming DLC expected to drive the long tail of sales.

Founded in 2014, One More Level has several titles in its portfolio, including side-scrolling zombie game Deadlings, 2D action title Warlocks vs Shadows and top-down shooter God’s Trigger.

In addition to the Ghostrunner series, 505 Games is known for publishing games like Control, Sniper Elite III, and the PC version of Death Stranding. Earlier this month, its parent company, Digital Bros, announced an organizational review that will result in cutting 30% of its workforce, or just over 130 people across its development studios and publishing units.

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