Jason Wilson, co-creator of 1998’s hack and slash game MediEvil, has decided to sell his Game of the Year BAFTA award. Despite his vast experience, he seems to be struggling to find a new job in the industry.

MediEvil co-creator Jason Wilson selling his BAFTA award, as he struggles to find new job in industry

Earlier this week, Wilson announced his decision on X (former Twitter), saying that it comes after his recent trip to hospital “brought about by the high levels of stress, anxiety and financial worries due to my inability to even get to the interview stage for games art/design work.”

He is selling his personal Game of the Year BAFTA he won in 2000 for MediEvil II. That year, the game competed against TimeSplitters and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Part 2.

The starting price for the prize, along with the metal Sir Dan Hand statue and MediEvil FunkoPop, is £6,000, but Wilson is ready to accept higher bids. However, the reason behind this move is quite sad.

“I have no idea how much such a personal item costs but if it helps me to keep a roof over my head just that bit longer then it will be worth the sale,” he wrote.

Earlier this year, Wilson put his entire archive of art and gameplay design for MediEvil. It included hundreds of concept arts, hand-written books, and level design sketches. “Due to changes in my personal life and the protracted situation trying to obtain video-game work (interviews can spand 2 months) means that I am in financial woes,” he said at the time.

Unfortunately, Wilson hasn’t yet managed to find a new job in the games industry. In a post announcing the sale of his BAFTA award, he said, “I know I still have a lot to offer and to give but the doors are firmly shut and I’m super worried.”

He also recently shared a link to his portfolio, saying that his experience includes “many years of full production cycles, firefighting, direction and managerial experience.”

Wilson started his game development career in the 80s, with his early credits including the Amiga versions of games like Pac-Mania, Ninja Gaiden, and Space Harrier II. In 1996, he joined Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and worked in many roles ranging from lead game designer to artist and creative director.

MediEvil, an action-adventure game about the bizarre adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque, remains Wilson’s most famous work to date. After leaving Sony in 2012, he worked as a writer and comic book author.

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