WN Media Group has shared the first details about WN Belgrade’23, the upcoming conference for games industry professionals. The event is expected to bring together more than 400 companies and  feature talks from renowned devs like Raphaël Colantonio.

WN Conference coming to Belgrade in December: details, speakers, and dev contest

WN Conference Belgrade’23 will be WN Media Group’s second conference in Serbia this year. The first one took place in February, and the new event will take place at the Belgrade Fair complex.

The organizers expect more than 800 people to visit the upcoming conference, including executives, business development managers, developers, and other games industry professionals from European companies.


The official program for WN Belgrade’23 will be announced later. However, below are some notable speakers that will participate in th event:

  • Raphaël Colantonio — co-founder of Arkane Studios, known for directing games like Arx Fatalis, Dishonored, and Prey. He currently serves as president and creative director of indie developer WolfEye Studios (Weird West);
  • Johnnemann Nordhagen — co-creator of Gone Home and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, who also worked on BioShock and BioShock 2;
  • John Kavanagh — experienced executive who worked at Eidos, Ion Storm, and Crystal Dynamics;
  • Christopher Bergstresser — best known for developing the Western business of Sega and Konami, as well as for helping Miniclip rebuild its business for mobile.

The list of other companies that will participate in the conference includes Ebb Software, PLAYSTUDIOS, Two Desperados, MGVC, Bunker VFX, Foxy Voxel, and more.

WN Conference Belgrade’23 will also feature closed sessions from major mobile platforms and a one-and-a-half-hour workship from Amazon Web Services dedicated to AI.

Expo zone, showcase, and contest

WN Belgrade’23 will feature an expo zone with booths from the event’s sponsors (GEM Capital, Liftoff, Adjust, and Strategy Park) and the dev showcase with 40 games.

Note that all studios whose applications have been accepted will receive one free ticket to the conference, as well as their own booth to showcase their projects.

Each developer applied for the dev contest will also receive one free ticket. The organizers will share more details about the competition, its prizes, and rules later.


Tickets start at €449 for the standard access (with pre-party. Premium tickets, which also allow guests to attend the main party, are slightly more expensive at €589, and there is also a special offering for indie game developers — €229 (without access to the party).

It is worth noting that these prices are valid until November 23. After that, each of them will cost €70 and €90 more respectively.

Those who cannot attend WN Belgrade’23 in person but want to network with the participants can purchase the online pass for €199. This ticket grants access to the unique meeting system available through the WN Hub communication platform.

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