The new episode of Games and Names, a games industry podcast launched by AppMagic in partnership with WN Media Group, is dedicated to the use of AI tools in game development and what the main limitations that come with it.

How AI can be used in game marketing and ASO — featuring App Radar's Thomas Kriebernegg

Thomas Kriebernegg, co-founder and managing director of ASO and app publishing tool AppRadar, was the special guest on the sixth episode of Games and Names.

Together with co-hosts, AppMagic VP of product Stan Minasov and Product Madness senior game designer Jesse Kroon, he discussed the following topics:

  • Boosting app store optimization and marketing with AI tools and ChatGPT specifically;
  • Analyzing TikTok trends and generating game ideas using AI;
  • Why AI should be considered an assistant rather than a solution;
  • Combining different AI tools and tips for better prompt engineering;
  • Key limitations that AI tools currently have.

You can watch the full episode below or listen to it on:

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