Everspace 2 has reached a new milestone, with its total audience across all platforms exceeding 1.5 million players. Here are the latest data about the game and how it compares to the previous title from Rockfish Games.

Everspace 2 surpasses 1.5 million players, with its pure sales hitting 400k units across all platforms

According to a new press release, Everspace 2 has already sold over 400k copies across all platforms. This includes “tens of thousands” of units sold on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S since launch on August 15, 2023.

It is worth noting that the game crossed the 300k mark on Steam alone in May (since its Early Access launch in January 2021).

Rockfish Games added that more than 1,111,111 users have already played Everspace 2 through Game Pass. In June, the studio’s CEO and co-founder Michael Schade told Game World Observer that “we have seen more than 100,000 Everspace 2 players on PC Game Pass so far.”

Speaking about the latest milestone, Schade noted that Everspace is performing way better than the first game: “In the same time frame, we’ve seen nearly three times the number of sales on each platform and more than four times the players on Game Pass.”

Overall, the first Everspace has sold over 2 million copies, so the new title has every chance to top this result in the future.

Everspace 2 came out on Steam on April 6, 2023, after spending a little more than a year in Early Access. It currently holds a “Very Positive” rating, with 87% of the almost 8,000 user reviews being positive.

According to StteamDB, the game also peaked at 9,760 concurrent players, which is a solid result for a spaceship shooter. For comparison, the first Everspace had a peak of 1,448 CCU.

Rockfish Games is an independent studio founded by Michael Schade and Christian Lohr in 2014. The team already had experience in the space genre, given that both Schade and Lohr worked on the Galaxy On Fire series at Fishlabs.

Both Everspace 1 and 2 were crowdfunded through Kickstarter, raising €420k and €503k respectively.

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