AI Talks, a series of free weekly discussions on AI technologies, continues. Today, experienced game and software developer Bjørn Furuknap will explain why he believes that AI won’t replace real people and share his thoughts on the human factor in this area.

Bjørn Furuknap is the CEO of MOBGames.AI, a game development platform that helps professionals integrate AI solutions into Unity, Unreal, and other engines, as well as allows to train their own image and language models for specific needs.

In the new AI Talks, he will explore the following topic: “How will AI impact your future?” During the chat with co-hosts, WN Media Group COO Julia Lebedeva and program director Antonio Pasalic, Furuknap will also share more details about the MOBGames.AI platform and the way AI solutions could fill in missing roles on gamedev teams.

“I think the biggest threat we face from AI is just shrugging our shoulders and thinking it will pass by,” Furuknap wrote on LinkedIn ahead of the new episode of AI Talks.

Granted, we've started hitting some hard limits on what current tech can do.... if you're wondering why GPT-4 isn't releasing its parameter numbers, for example.... that's a good candidate for why. However, now that the world for good or bad has gotten a taste for what AI can do, there will be a massive push to make it better, faster, and cheaper.

Bjørn Furuknap

CEO of MOBGames.AI

The new episode of AI Talks starts today, May 25, at 5pm UTC+3. You can register for the webinar using this link. The talk will later be available in the lecture archive on the WN Hub communication platform.

AI Talks is a series of weekly webinars hosted by WN Media Group. They precede the upcoming AI For Business conference, which will focus on the use of AI technologies in video games, marketing, and FinTech. The event will take place on June 7-8 in Istanbul, Turkiye, along with the WN Istanbul’23 conference for games industry professionals.

This is the fourth episode of AI Talks. The first three talks featured CEO Stephanie Bouchard, CEO Tom Pigott, and Charisma co-founder Guy Gadney.

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